Purtse mõis

Purtse kindlus

The first data about Purtse Manor are from year 1421. The castle house was built by baron Jakob von Taube in 1533. Since 1615 the new owner was Heinrich Fleming. Since 1721 the owners were the Stackelbergs and the last landlord until the agrarian law in 1919 was Otto Magnus von Stackelberg. The building has been destroyed by various wars as well as the time.

Over times there have been an ice cellar as well as a workers´ house and a prison in the castle house. Purtse castle was built up from the ruins in 1987- 1990 and received
the title of the best building in 1991.

JalusTHE FAVOURITE PACKAGE “The Knightly Dinner”: 34 € (Price for one)

• An excursion introducing the history of the castle.
• A three-course dinner
• Tasting exclusive beers of Purtse Castle Brewery.

JalusIn addition to the excursions and the ´a la carte café there is on offer:
– Seminar opportunities and concerts
– Opportunity of celebrating birthdays, wedding receptions and other occasions.
Open at weekends during the off-season, and open daily during the summeLOGO_Purtser months.

Kontakt: +372 51 46774 and +372 51 74548
www.purtse.ee • info@purtse.ee • moisad@ida-virumoisad.ee
Purtse village, Lüganuse parich, Ida- Viru County

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