Maidla mõis

Maidla Manor

The first data about Maidla Manor are from 1465, it was established by Hinke Maydell. In 1499 the manor was passed to Otto Tuve, in 1529 to the Bremens. Then in 1619 the manor was acquired by the Brackels and in 1689 by the Wrangells for the next 200 years. In 1890 the manor was acquired by Hermann Oskar Löwis of Menar. The manor was expropriated in 1919 according to the agrarian law.

The manor complex offers its service rather in summer months when the basic school located in the manor is in summer holidays. Summertime is also adorned by various cultural and sports events.

JalusThe manor complex includes:

• The mansion where there is a school since 1925.
• The steward´s house
• The youth centre
• The storehouse
• The full-size sports hall
• The ice cellar where the information point is
• And the manor hostel.

JalusIn the baroc manor complex we offer manor excursions, various manor concerts as well as organising seminars and events. We also offer accommodation in the hostel´s rooms for 2-5 guests. There is a toilet and a shower in each room. There is also a separate sitting area and a kitchenette.

The services are offered in case of reservation.Maidla logo

Tel: +372 53 333006 • •
Mõisa 1, Maidla village, Lüganuse parich, Ida- Viru County

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