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Mäetaguse Mõis

Mäetaguse manor was firstly mentioned in 1542 and its founder was Peter von Tiesenhausen. In 1617 the manor was acquired by Tuwe Bremen, then the
Wrangels and then the Ungern- Sternbergs. In the Great Northern War the manor burned to the ground. In 1733
the manor passed to von Rosens.

Nowadays there is Mäetaguse Parish Government in the mansion and in the former coach house there is furnished the manor hotel with a bathing house, a restaurant and saunas. Additionally a craft house, a hunter museum and a shooting gallery.

JalusTHE FAVOURITE PACKAGE: “A relaxing day with the fish therapy: 90 €
(Price for a couple for 1 night)

The package includes:
• Accommodation
• A breakfast
• A Fish-Spa procedure for feet
• A paraffin treatment for hands
• Unlimited use of the bathing house and saunas
• Use of bathrobes and morning swim

JalusThe Fish-Spa package is possible to acquire as a gift card! There is a nice restaurant with a view to the manor courtyard in the hotel. In the mansion there are excellent possibilities for bigger seminars and parties-jubilees as well as for wedding receptions..

Tel: +372 333 1150Mäetaguse logo
www.moisahotell.ee • info@moisahotell.ee
• moisad@ida-virumoisad.ee
Mäetaguse manor, Mäetaguse parisc, Ida- Viru County

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