Kukruse mõis

Kukruse mõis

Kukruse manor was firstly mentioned in 1453 and belonged then to Fromhold Lode. In 1745 the manor was inherited by Caspar von Engelhardt and in 1762 it was
acquired by Christopher Friedrich von Toll who became the founder of long-term governance of the Tolls in Kukruse.
In 1923 the manor was nationalised.

Nowadays the manor is named the Polar Manor. The permanent exposition tells about Eduard von Toll(1858-1902), a polar researcher whose passion was the cold North, as
well as his uncle Robert von Toll (1802-1876), a historian.

JalusTHE FAVOURITE PACKAGE: “In the polar night with a photographer”: 80 €
The package is designed for a family (2 adults and children

The package includes:
• An excursion with a lady of the manor as theguide
• A photosession 0,5 h
• Four paper photos A5 and ca 40 picture files (The photo service is offered by Pildistaja OÜ)

JalusAdventurous manor excursions for all ages in the mansion guided by the ladies of the manor or the polar bear itself. Magnificent halls for unforgettable parties as well
as work meetings. Kukruse is the original place of finding oil shale and therefore the scientific name of oil shale is kukersite.

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Kukruse village, Kohtla parich, Ida- Viru County

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