Valge HobuEdise stronghold, the predecessor of Edise manor, was first mentioned in 1477 and then belonged to the family of Bernd Tuve (later Taube). In 1558 the stronghold was conquered by Russian troops in the Livonian War, it was destroyed and never restored again. In 1698 it was sold to Georg Johann von Maydell by Otto Johann Taube. In 1756 the manor was acquired by Ulrich Johann von Brümmer, in 1769 by state councillor Carl Friedrich von Schwebs and in 1778 by Karl Gustav von Toll. In 1839, the meanwhile pledged mansion was acquired by staff captain Otto baron von Rosen, whose successors possessed it until the expropriation. After the expropriation in 1919 the centre of the manor was acquired by general Aleksander Tõnisson, known from the War of Independence and later the major of Tartu and Tallinn.


White Horse Tavern is open in case of advance bookings for all kinds of occasions:

– catering of tourist groups,

– wedding receptions,

– birthday parties and funeral banquets,

– company events,

– seminars.

Good Estonian cuisine is available. Occasionally, parties with a band are organised in the tavern.

JalusThe former historical storehouse of Edise manor was converted into White Horse Tavern in 1980-1981. Until the early 1990-s the tavern was very popular and open every day. Every night there was a long queue at the door and the porter had a lot of work. Nowadays the place is in private hands, the family heads deal personally with guest reception and service.


Telephone: 53 472145

www.valgehobu.ee • valgehobu@hot.ee • moisad@ida-virumoisad.ee

Edise 16, Jõhvi parish, East Viru County

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